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Adel Incubator

Adel is a technology incubator for blockchain innovation.
Our community collaborates on ideas, and uses the AdelWiki™ to collectively create and improve business plans. Members vote on projects and can become active participants in them when they are launched.

Our mission is to incubate projects that will have a positive impact on the world.

Expertise within the community provides opportunities for mentoring, learning, and employment. Successful projects receive additional investment for further growth, or are issued as rewards to members.

Levels of Participation


Anyone with a registered account on

Supporters can see the summary of ideas and projects

Supporters can only participate in the general chat channel

Supporters can invest in any project, but will not receive discounts or incentives

Supporters can see voting summaries, but can not participate in a vote.

Supporters can submit ideas (I2) but only incubate their own ideas


Anyone with a balance exceeding 32000 ADL and has passed KYC approvals

Founders have complete access to all modules in the Adel Portal

Founders can incubate all ideas (I2), and projects (P2) in the AdelWiki™

Founders can profit participate (E2) in all projects and receive discounts

Founders can vote on key decisions that will shape future blockchain projects

Founders can apply to any open job vacancy and will be the preferred pick

Founders can discuss and debate all ideas and projects in the AdelChat™


Supporters or Founders who have submitted a new idea for incubation

Innovators can see details of their own Ideas and projects

Innovators can incubate their own ideas and projects in the AdelWiki™

Innovators can only profit participate (E2) in their own project

Innovators are automatically admins to their own idea

Innovators can apply to positions for projects but Founders will be preferred

Innovators can participate in their own idea’s and project’s in the AdelChat™

The incubator is currently going through a series of upgrades and improvements. We are planning to launch a 2.0 version by year end 2021.​

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